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Feel more secure, and protect yourself and your loved ones with our full line of non lethal, quality pepper sprays, Mace, stun guns, personal alarms, diversion safes, hidden cameras, and more!

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray irritates the eyes and nose, causing a burning sensation, pain, and temporary blindness.
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Our All in One Camera

For use in your home, or place of business to keep an eye on your children, pets, and property.
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Imitation Cameras

They look like the real thing, and can help discourage illegal activity.
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Disguised, Folding, Automatic, Butterfly, and Throwing knives.
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Stun Guns

Our rechargeable stun guns are a very popular self defense choice.
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Our hidden cameras feature built-in DVR, with different models for home, office, or wearable use.
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Hidden Safes

Hide your valuables in plain sight with these diversion safes that look like household items.
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Throwing Stars

Throwing stars are fun, but are not toys. Choose from our many models.
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Personal & Home Alarms

Personal alarms are electronic devices carried or worn that can be used as a safety alarm, panic alarm, or attention alarm.
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telescopic steel batons

Add some extended reach to your defense. Available in 12", 16", 21" or 26" models.
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Hand-held Metal Detector

Great for security checks at bars, nightclubs, schools, and public events.
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Small, high velocity slingshots, for use by adults, and those over 16 years of age.
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Mace Pepper Spray

The Mace brand of pepper spray is the most well known. We have many models to choose from.
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Self Defense Key Chains

These handy self defense keychains provide personal protection when needed.
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Safety Lights

Help keep yourself safe with our selection of lights.
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Animal Repellents

Repel animals with our electronic deterrent, or specially formulated pepper sprays.
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Small, yet powerful. Designed for striking, and inflicting pain on attackers.
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Tactical Pen

This Tactical pen is a disguised self defense weapon, designed for striking, and glass breaking.
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