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Thanksgiving Black Friday Super Sale!

Hello Friends, We hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones, and that your Thanksgiving weekend is restful. In honor of the holiday, and to help keep you and your loved ones safe, we are having a Black Friday weekend sale where you can save 25% off of all of our products, using […]

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day to our fellow Service Members! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Stay safe, always. Respectfully, ~ The Life Defense Technologies Team

Homeowner Safety Tips

Here are some tips for homeowners that will help keep you safer. Install a security system: A security system is a crucial component of home safety. There are various types of security systems available, including wired and wireless systems, DIY and professionally installed systems, and basic and comprehensive systems. The best security system for a […]

Apartment Renter Safety Tips

Here are some tips for Apartment Renters which will help keep you safer. Location: One of the most important factors to consider when renting an apartment is the location. Look for apartments in safe neighborhoods with low crime rates. Check the local crime statistics, and consider the distance to emergency services such as hospitals and […]

College Student Safety Tips

Here are some tips for College Students which will help keep you safer. Be aware of your surroundings:Being aware of your surroundings means paying attention to your environment and people around you. This includes noticing any potential threats or hazards, like suspicious activity, unlit areas, or dangerous obstacles. When walking alone, be vigilant and avoid […]

Learn about Diversion / Hidden Safes

First, it’s important to understand that diversion safes are designed to be a hidden safe that looks like an ordinary household item. The idea is to make the safe blend in with its surroundings, so that it goes unnoticed by potential thieves. Diversion safes can be made to look like everyday items such as a […]

Learn about Non-Lethal Self Defense Items

Non-lethal self-defense items are essential tools that individuals can use to protect themselves in a dangerous situation. These items are designed to be used without causing permanent harm to the attacker but can still be very effective in deterring an attack and allowing the victim to escape safely. Below are some popular non-lethal self-defense items […]

Learn about Imitation Cameras

Imitation security cameras are an excellent solution for enhancing security in various settings where the installation of real security cameras may be cost-prohibitive or impractical. These cameras are designed to look and operate like real security cameras, but they do not actually record or transmit any video footage. Instead, they are a visual deterrent that […]

Learn about Handheld Metal Detectors

Handheld metal detectors are a type of portable device that is used to detect metallic objects. These devices work by creating an electromagnetic field, which interacts with metallic objects and produces a response that can be detected by the device. Handheld metal detectors are commonly used in a variety of settings, including security screening, law […]

Learn about Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are a type of surveillance tool that are designed to be concealed or disguised, allowing them to capture video or audio without being noticed. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including security, surveillance, and investigations. One of the primary uses of hidden cameras for safety is in home security. Homeowners […]